How listening to music can make you feel better

Did you know listening to music isn’t just good fun, it’s good for you?


Yup, science says so: neurological researchers have found that listening to music can play a role in our mental wellbeing in quite a few ways.

According to this research, listening to music can release:

  • Dopamine for happiness 😌
  • Serotonin and other hormones for immunity 💪
  • Oxytocin for connecting with others ❤️
  • Reduces stress hormones like cortisol 🧠


How cool is it to think that while you’re chilling out listening to your fave song, your brain is doing all of this work?

What’s going on inside your brain can change your mood, too.

Researchers in the US found that listening to music after a stressful event can help with anxiety by assisting nervous system recovery.

What’s more, it can help with feelings of depression. It was discovered that listening to classical and jazz in particular had a positive effect on depression symptoms.

So next time you’re feeling down, why not try putting on some tunes and checking in how you feel afterwards?

While we all know musicians deserve respect, science also has good news for people who make music! 

Scientists have actually found that musicians have greater focus, memory and coordination

We wanted to find out more for ourselves, so we caught up with Meena @musophrenic, a Melbourne musician who’s also a writer, producer and radio show host, to see what music adds to his life. 

How did you come to be a musician?

Since the age of 17, it kind of stuck with me that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Coming from a family where dad’s an engineer, mum’s a doctor … music just wasn’t a part of the conversation, and here’s me at 17 years old like: “Hmm, maybe I do want to make some music!”

Music just occupies my brain and my heart. 

What do you love about listening to music?

One of my jobs is presenting a radio program about video game music. [So] half my job is actually listening to and talking about music which I’ve come to realise is one of my favourite jobs of all time!

I get excited about sharing music with people. We’re celebrating joy in many of the same ways, through the music that we share. 

How does music help you when times are tough?

I have one specific song that comes up when times are tough and especially when I’m angry about things. 

Now, anger in and of itself is obviously a valid emotion, but what you choose to do as a response to the world around you, that’s what’s in your control.

I use [this song] to work through my emotional state. That can also apply to making music.

What’s your advice to someone wanting to become a musician?

Always find a way to engage with the music you love, authentically. 

Be open to the ways your music can shine, beyond what you imagined. Keep your mind open and be resilient.

The only question left is: what are you going to listen to next?

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