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We’re looking for the best stories that represent your community. This may be a story about yourself, someone in your community or a friend. Ultimately, we’re looking for honest stories that challenge preconceived notions about cultures or beliefs. Or stories about how our past has contributed positively to our current culture, through to inspirational stories about someone overcoming adversity or following a passion despite the struggle. 


Rapt! wants to hear from you

We never want anyone to say “I feel disconnected from society”. We approach all our work with the intent of providing acceptance of everyone, no matter who they are, or where they’ve come from. While you may sometimes feel that life is a struggle, sharing your story can help lift your spirits, and remind you that people are listening and interested in what you have to say.



Here’s some guidance on the sort of things we love to cover:

My real self

Overcoming life’s struggles is never easy. Many of us have a story about overcoming adversity. You and your journey towards becoming your real self is a story we would like to celebrate.

So if you have ever said to yourself “I feel disconnected from society” and made your way through to a place of positivity Share your story. 


Constantly learning new things

We love stories that challenge preconceived notions about certain cultures or beliefs. This could challenge a bias or dispel mistruths and preconceptions.

So if you have a hot take on something specific to your culture Share your story.


Inspirational mentors

Those people that easily connect with others emotionally. They’re very comfortable in their own skin and have a strong sense of self. Often they’ve overcome struggles in Australia.

So if you know someone that’s an inspirational mentor, then Share your story.


Australian values

Australian values are as diverse as the people who live here. The values that we have are usually based upon the interests we share. These could include stories about random acts of kindness, mateship or freedom of expression.

So if you have a value we should add to the list tell us why and Share your story.


How did we get here?

Our multicultural society didn’t happen overnight so we need to highlight stories about how our past has contributed positively to our current culture.

So if you’ve got a positive take on how our history has shaped modern culture Share your story.



Tell us a story

Tell us a story about you or somebody else and we will be in touch to talk and turn it into an article.