Wolves legend on how sport can change your life


At Rapt! we’ve teamed up with all-round legend, Sam Shadid, Club President at Central Sydney Wolves and together, we’re bringing to light the undisputed but totally understated benefits team sports can have on your life, friendship circle and brotherhood.

As Club President, Sam is an expert at getting the best out of those around him, helping people work together and he knows what makes a good mate.

Peel an orange and check out our tips below.

Five reasons why brotherhood is built on the field:

1. Oh, the people you’ll meet

“Being in a sport allows you to meet a wide variety of people that you wouldn’t know in your day to day circle,” says Sam.

What is better than becoming mates with people who have the same interests as you? Nothing! So why not go directly to the source, join a team and see what happens.

Sports transcends ethnicities, gender and cultures. Most teams feature Christians, Muslims and Atheists all working towards the same goal, and your new mates may open you up to new ideas or ways of doing things you may never have considered, which can only be a good thing.

2. We’re all in this together

When talking about the subject of having each other’s backs, Sam revealed that, “Being in a sport or a sporting team gives you a sense of reliability and accountability to your teammates.”

You don’t want to let your teammates down and vice versa. This newfound sense of responsibility can drip into all other aspects of your life. From the schoolyard to the office, a few round robins on the green and you’ll be lifting those around you in no time.

3. Ten feet tall and Nerf proof

If there’s a better confidence booster then nailing the game-winning buzzer-beater – we  want to hear about it. Sam says, “Team sport gives you the sense of confidence that your teammates have your back.”

Along with the mental improvement, let’s not forget that being physical and active is the O.G. way you can shred. Get fit because you know you want those gains.

4. Character building becomes easier than Lego

When talking about character, Sam says, “Sport can build up moments of happiness and overwhelming joy. It can also completely crush you which builds your character.”

Sports are full of Gatorade splashing highs and world-shattering lows. While there can only be one winner, with every loss comes valuable life lessons and stronger resilience… but more on this later.

5. A new beginning

As Sam says, “Sport can be used as a way out. A way out of a life of crime, depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness, depression. It can help you feel like you belong.”

If you’re someone who may have lost their way, team sports can help you get back on track. When we join a team, we achieve a sense of belonging and brotherhood. With the right peers and mentors, we can turn our lives around and achieve anything.

6. The importance of resilience

The losses we experience when playing sport build our resilience but there’s actually more at play (sorry, not sorry).

Let’s dive deeper and explore why.

With team sports come friends and with friends, you can overcome anything. Even the most personal struggles can be made a lot easier with the help of those around us. Offering an ear, unwavering support, or even banter over COD can lift you out of a slump and get you back on track.

Being part of a diverse brotherhood will give you a great perspective of the world around you. You won’t want to walk a mile in someone else’s smelly soccer boots, but with a true understanding of someone’s hardships, you don’t have to.When we gain a wider perspective of the world, suddenly our problems shrink into insignificance.

Talking personally, Sam said that he had multiple situations throughout his life that, if not for his close group of friends, he never would have overcome.You’re always stronger and smarter when you have people you trust around you.

One last thing. Let’s take this article into overtime.

As rewarding as is it to find new mates through sports there’s no harm in reconnecting with old ones. Here is Sam’s experience on reconnecting with one of his close childhood friends after spending years apart.

Sports are full of Gatorade splashing highs and world-shattering lows. While there can only be one winner, with every loss comes valuable life lessons and stronger resilience but more on this later.

“The friends I made in my younger years are genuine friends. We spent close to our entire childhood and adolescent years together. They have seen me at my best and my worst, and they know the real me. There’s no need for me to pretend to be someone I’m not. If you have mates like that, you can’t take them for granted. It’s worth reaching out to them.”

So there you go. Whether it’s making new, genuine connections through sports or starting a team just to reconnect with old mates; there’s no denying the benefits a positive and encouraging brotherhood can have on you.

Thanks, Sam Shadid for the words. Up the Wolves.

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