How to find peace in everyday life

Can you be chill without trying? Read on to find out!


Mindfulness is a word you see everywhere these days, but what it basically means is being present in the moment.

The point of it? Mindfulness can help us to manage stress and anxiety and improve our focus and mood. This must be why it’s so popular…

Some people put a lot of time and effort into mindfulness, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to to get these benefits and more!

Check out our list of ways to practise mindfulness that work into your daily life with no worries at all.

1. Listen to instrumental music with your eyes closed

Life is pretty noisy sometimes, so why not set aside 10 minutes to focus on one thing? 

Choose some instrumental music (Classical? Hip hop? Jazz?) and find a quiet place where you can get into the zone. 

By closing your eyes, you’re taking a break from the outside world and working on that focus that mindfulness is all about.

2. Do a puzzle and have a think

The idea of doing a puzzle might have you rolling your eyes, but this psychotherapist who specialises in mindfulness says activities like this help us be more present. 

Don’t believe us? Try one and see where your mind takes you.

3. Hang out with loved ones

Hanging out with your friends and family is probably something you already do, making this recommendation super duper easy.

Enjoying the company of others without distraction can also make us more present in the moment. 

Next time you’re catching up with someone, try focusing on the experience of being together without getting lost on your phone or in your thoughts.

The best part about mindfulness is the more you do it, the more you benefit from it. One day you might even find yourself practising mindfulness without multitasking!

Try out a few of these ideas for slipping some me-time into your usual routine and see what happens.

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