So, what’s good about living in regional Australia?

People from Darwin share their thoughts


Want to know the three best things about living in regional Australia? We found out what people in Darwin think!

  1. “The slower lifestyle, the more relaxed lifestyle. You can just go out with slippers and it’s fine! No one judges you here.” – Furdosa
  2. “The fact that we get to know people more in depth and we don’t just know the surface level.” – Syed
  3. “You can definitely polish your skills if you have the will to change and make a positive impact. It’s much easier, smooth going. You can, you know, mobilise all the people around you. You can reach the government easily. You can make changes.” – Hajrah

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why people like living regionally.

In Knafeh & Coffee To Go: Darwin, we learnt how where we live can shape who we are from a group of locals. 

There might be fewer people around in places like Darwin, but this means you can form closer connections with the community and make the most of opportunities to make positive change. 

Learn more below in the full episode of Knafeh & Coffee To Go: Darwin.