Do our parents really know what’s best for us?

Find out what the Knafeh & Coffee To Go Perth crew had to say!


Many of us look to our parents as role models. They teach us how the world works, share their values with us and help us become the people we are today.

But do our parents always know what’s best for us? We went to Perth to find out!

“I think our parents know best until we reach a certain age and then after that, we know what’s best for ourselves,” says fashion design student Amina.

Seems like as we grow up, we better understand how to look out for ourselves.

Giuseppe says: “It’s kind of like a changing of the guard, really. So then at some point they trust you to take over.” 

Of course, our parents can still offer us inspiration and guidance. That’s the case for Hadi, who says about parents: “They can direct you, they can teach you the learnings, their life learnings, and it’s up to you to grow up in your own shell and do something with that sustenance that they’re giving you.”

“I’ve taken a lot of those qualities and applied that with my life and it has worked out perfectly. My passion for advocacy and giving back to the community and my service for humanity doesn’t just spark one day with me. It was always with my parents.”

“They have done a lot of community work, they have been leaders. So I’ve just inherited bits and pieces of those qualities and I’ve tried to enact that in some way or other in this Western society. I think that’s a beautiful thing to do.”

Want to hear more? Watch the full conversation below!