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The top 7 things to do when you’re bored

We all get bored sometimes. But rather than shouting out ‘I’M BOOOORRREEED’ to nobody in particular – howsabout we give you a bunch of suggestions to get you over your boredom hump.

  • Write an actual letter to someone who deserves it
    Put down the phone, pick up a pen and paper and write a letter. It could be to your Gran, family overseas or even Scomo.


  • Put the phone down, go outside and go for a walk.
    It’s not that hard to get some excercise. Start with a walk and step it up from there.


  • Google “Do a barrel roll”
    Go on – you’ll be surprised with what happens


  • Make yourself think about your goals
    Put your birthdate into this site and find out historical figures have achieved at your age. Then think about how much more you could be doing.


  • Find out who your famous squad should be for 2020
    Tell us what you’re hyped for in 2020 and we’ll tell you which celebrity squad will want to follow you.

  • Find out why boredom can be a good thing

Haved you ever had a great idea when you’re not doing anything – that’s the power boredom can have – read more about it here.


  • Volunteer where help is needed

Do that thing that everyone knows is the right thing to do – Volunteer at Mission Australia or any of the hospitals. Like animals more than humans? Volunteer at you local pet shelter.