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Inspiration on screen

It’s true that those hard-hitting documentaries that expose wrongdoings, injustices, and impending doom are important – but they’re not the only thing that makes up the non-fiction viewing landscape.

Ever since humans could tell stories, they’ve been used to unite and inspire us, creating reflection, introspection and behaviour change – they’re essential to us as people. Documentaries are just those same stories in a different medium. 

Brenden Gallagher has shared a collection of these  inspiring documentaries, you can watch on Netflix right now. 

The life of Iris Apfel “The Geriatric Starlet” is immortalised in the wonderful, Iris– a life typified by energy and joy that could serve us all, whatever we’re doing.

Another, The Wrecking Crew explores the lives of session musicians whose stylings can be heard on the songs attributed to The Beach Boys, The Mammas and the Pappas, and The Monkees. Gallagher finds these musicians inspiring for their positively. 

Love Between the Covers focuses on the nuts and bolts of the romance novel industry with moments of inspiration when exploring the close-knit community surrounding these books, from writers to ardent fans. 

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