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Sheikh Abu Hamza helps run one of Melbourne’s larger mosques and is a driving force in his community – injecting life and laughter through his hard work. And he's never worked harder than in 2020, when COVID-19 caused disruptions to his community.

Do you have something that keeps you up at night, be it a lapse in judgment or a mishandled situation? Fortunately, these things don’t need to define us, there is always a way to make good.  To explore this we sat down with Adrian ‘Eddie’ Masih, a man who was brought to the brink of […]

Just like shoving a USB stick repeatedly into a computer, ‘fitting in’ doesn’t always work the first time. No one knows this more than Robbie Maestrecci, a former addict whose past transgressions led him to serve time in prison. Not wanting this to define him, Robbie made the decision to flip the narrative and now […]

To talk about what’s up with tomorrow, we sat down with Tasnim Alam; life coach and entrepreneur who also happens to star in our latest video series, Never Have I Ever (check it out here). Before we get started, here’s what you need to know.

To unpack this universally known and rarely discussed topic, we sat down with Ramis Ansari and Ejaz Ansari, and Omar Soufi-Sabbagh and Hanadi Soufi-Sabbagh from Rapt’s latest ‘Never Have I Ever’ video series to get their thoughts and hear their stories on how to make sense of your Mum and Dad.

At Rapt! we’ve teamed up with all-round legend, Sam Shadid, Club President at Central Sydney Wolves and together, we’re bringing to light the undisputed but totally understated benefits team sports can have on your life, friendship circle and brotherhood. As Club President, Sam is an expert at getting the best out of those around him, […]

Isolation has been a different experience for everybody. Some have thrived off the alone time, using it as an opportunity to finally learn the ukulele, while others are feeling the cabin fever set in. For those on the verge of talking to their volleyball, it might be helpful to remember that we’re all in this together. […]

At Rapt! We believe teamwork is dream work. We all occasionally need a shoulder to lean on, and success and happiness mean more when they are shared. Life isn’t a solo sport. To make the most of it you need to be surrounded by a solid group of mates. But that’s easier said than done. […]

Hazem Sedda is like no one you’ve ever met. Owner of the Redfern Convenience Store with a serious instagram following, he’s seen the area go through a dramatic change over his 20 year tenure. A 7up half-full kinda guy, incredibly humble, and bursting with infectious energy – it’s no wonder people travel across the country […]

Known to many as the world’s first hijabi ballerina, Stephanie Kurlow isn’t your average teenager. She is super switched on, and 110% dedicated to her mission to become the first profession hijabi ballerina. We sat down with Stephanie to explore her struggles, and what makes her spin.   So Stephanie, where did it all start?  […]

Now that Ramadan is over, swap fasting for feasting and check out the tastiest takeaway joints Sydney has to offer. Tested by our friend @justin_time2eat, you know they’re going to be worth the cals.  Read through to see our faves then add them to your wishlist to share with your fam. If you’ve got a […]

During our recent production of the Brothers in Need and Wauchope documentary series, we spoke to Aladdin Elmir about what charity means to him – we also discussed the connectedness and struggle that comes with Ramadan.  Aladdin joined the Brothers in Need to travel over 350 kms – giving up his weekend to hold a […]

Dean Mousad didn’t think twice about what he did on the 15th February. For him, it wasn’t even a big deal.  Dean and his team drove 365km to cook a BBQ for around three hundred strangers, also raising and donating funds to bushfire-affected locals. Dean doesn’t want special attention for what he does – he […]

Kwame Yeboah’s life story is anything but a free kick. From humble beginnings on the Gold Coast, he’s played abroad in Germany and is now back in Oz scoring goals for the Western Sydney Wanderers. We sat down with Kwame to discuss culture, confidence and the importance of hard work.  Where did your football journey […]

Right now, life is a movie. A really boring, way too long, 2% Rotten Tomatoes rated, straight to DVD flop. Sports have been cancelled. Bars, cafes and restaurants? Shutdown. Beaches and parks? Closed.  But in the wise words of J. Goldblum, ‘life, uh, finds a way.’  Self-isolation doesn’t mean we’re alone. The word is that […]

Through all the devastation there has been a resounding resilience displayed, from fire affected communities, to firefighters and the rest of the nation, who have been quick to respond with acts of kindness. Australians band together to offer accommodation, food, medicine and funds for firefighter. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/04/beautiful-gestures-the-good-news-stories-coming-out-of-australias-bushfires Free hugs a powerful antidote At the heart of […]

Open doors, open hearts: One year on from the Christchurch attacks More than 20 mosques and Islamic centres across Victoria will open their doors to the wider community on 15 March 2020 for the annual Victorian Mosque Open Day. On the first anniversary of the Christchurch attacks, it’s an important event that community leaders hope will promote harmony and […]

Thomas Oppong’s eight tips to radical personal growth “It’s about expanding and living your vision of yourself —until it is the greatest possible expression of who you are.” Thomas Oppong is the founder of @AllTopStartups, a resource site for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Thomas states that by stepping beyond your current way of life and embracing […]

A mosque, synagogue and church will make up the Abrahamic Family House facility  “[it is]… a powerful metaphor, this safe space where community, connection and civility combine.”Sir David Adjaye, architect. The Middle East’s newly unveiled plans for an interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi is a beacon of unity.  The huge facility, dubbed the Abrahamic Family […]

We all thought that 2020 might be a better year than 2019. Not for any one reason – it’s just that the start of a new year and a new decade should be a time for optimism. Whilst we still pick up the pieces and continue rebuilding after the fires it’s a good point to […]

If you’re looking for a job, the search can get disheartening, and fast. It’s really hard not to take the rejection personally, and start wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” The truth? There’s probably nothing wrong with you – but your CV might be letting you down. In her article on Probono Australia from December 2019, experienced recruiter Marilyn […]

When I was released from prison I was working in construction and it was soul wrenching for me because that’s not what I wanted to do. I started ConFit because I found purpose in it and it was a way for me to really feel free.

We all get bored sometimes. But rather than shouting out ‘I’M BOOOORRREEED’ to nobody in particular – howsabout we give you a bunch of suggestions to get you over your boredom hump.

Brenden Gallagher shares his top 15 Netflix documentaries 

Masrur Joarder discovers pride in one’s culture is one way to stand up to racism

“The only thing we can control is our own actions and voice”

“If we don’t see ourselves on those screens, then we don’t really exist, do we?” Actor Zoha Rahman plays Spiderman’s first hijab-wearing character

With the bushfires dominating the news during the last few weeks, Australians have been overwhelmed with bad news. However, it is in times of great tragedy, that great stories of humanity coming together, make us realise how much good exists in the world.

Jason Wing’s art challenges mainstream understanding of Australian history through a cross-cultural lens.

NSW Premier's Literary Award winner Michael Mohammed Ahmad didn't grow up in the thick of a traditional Muslim community – he didn’t know what Ramadan was, and didn’t connect with his faith until he moved to Lakemba, with its high Muslim population.

For Manal Younus, poetry has been an outlet that let her express things she couldn’t always say. From her first spoken-word performance as a 15-year-old, Younus has since shared her poetry in venues all around the world.

Brushes of light, canvas of air. Artist Julien Breton, aka Kalaam, creates dreamy photographic light paintings of Arabic script.