Rapt! is committed to social inclusion and strives to build the acceptance of different beliefs and different cultures. This is reflected in our Mission, Vision, Values, Content Pillars and Community guidelines. Everything we do is to support communities to amplify the voice and representation of the community. We create strong community partnerships highlighting the success of organisations and individuals alike. We are committed to, and value diversity and will strive to treat all people with courtesy and dignity.

Our Mission

To promote social inclusion, by providing a platform for the diverse beliefs and cultures that make up our multicultural society.


Our Vision

We want everyone to realise we’re all human. We’re all better than our worst thoughts and we all want to feel safe, happy and proud in Australia.


Our Values

Our values directly relate to our mission and vision statements. The acceptance of different beliefs and the acceptance of different cultures is what we strive for.


At Rapt! we are open-hearted and open-minded

We approach all our work with the intent of fostering social inclusion. We approach all interactions with compassion and acceptance. We’re generous with our knowledge, ideas and connections, as our partners are with us.


Entertaining yet serious

The stories and information we share through our channels always have a point. Sometimes serious and sometimes funny but always entertaining.

Nobody likes boring so we always make sure whatever we do is engaging and relatable.


Socially inclusive

We don’t condone narratives that seek to divide us. Instead, we create stories that celebrate the acceptance of different beliefs and cultures. 


Modern storytellers

We embrace new ways of getting our messages across. The technologies we use provide connection and exposure to new ways of thinking. This creates opportunities for social inclusion by engaging those who may not feel a part of our uniquely diverse and multicultural country.


Committed to co-creation

We don’t pretend to hold all the answers to the social issues facing our audience. That’s why we involve every community we work with in the creation of our content. This ensures our story represents the views of the individual and the community they represent.


Content pillars

Our content typically falls under four different overarching directions:


Learnings & realisations

Stories that challenge preconceived notions about certain cultures or beliefs that have been stereotyped or misconstrued. This could challenge a bias or highlight a false narrative with a specific agenda. Whatever the case – we want to dispel mistruths and preconceptions. 


Unlikely mentors

We find influencers and mentors that our primary audience will connect with emotionally, and who also have a passion for promoting social inclusion. These may include family members but will also include those that align with the interests of our audience both culturally and from niche popular culture.


Australian values

The shared Australian values that we have are extremely important to us all. This can come in many forms and includes random acts of kindness as well as acceptance, mateship and freedom of expression.



Our multicultural society didn’t happen overnight so we need to highlight stories about relevant historical subjects that have contributed positively to our current culture, and have paved the way for acceptance of different beliefs and acceptance of different cultures.


Our Guidelines

The rules that we play by are the same that we expect from our broader community across Facebook, the Rapt! Web Hub and Instagram. 


Play nice

Never attack a person for their race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, disability or gender.


Speak up

If you see a post or comment you like do something – press like or post a comment.


Think before you talk

We welcome debate. But personal attacks are not on. We don’t accept people who threaten, abuse or harass someone.


Don’t spread hate

Don’t post racist, violent, offensive or misleading content. Intentionally trolling us, or our friends is not acceptable.


Stay on topic

When anyone is talking, commenting or sharing. Keep it relevant.


Be respectful

Believe in God? Don’t believe in God? Still figuring it out? We’re fine either way. Just be respectful.


Credit where credit is due

If you repost any of our original content give us a credit – we do the same for you.