Eight essential tips to get you through lockdown


Right now, life is a movie. A really boring, way too long, 2% Rotten Tomatoes rated, straight to DVD flop. Sports have been cancelled. Bars, cafes and restaurants? Shutdown. Beaches and parks? Closed. 

But in the wise words of J. Goldblum, ‘life, uh, finds a way.’ 

Self-isolation doesn’t mean we’re alone. The word is that it can actually bring us closer together.

So before our hands become permanently creased from the non-stop washing and we eat our lifetime consumption of frozen pizza and pastizzis, read the tips below.  

Ideas take their first steps

When life was busier, we’d all have these world-changing start-up ideas, now with all the downtime, there are no excuses. It’s time for these ideas to begin to walk so when things get back to normal, your project will be ready to run.  

Log in, switch off

We knew all those hours spent on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Reddit and more would come in handy. Along with red hot app PartyTime; staying connected, playing games and having convos has never been easier. In a time so deflating, giving world news the cold shoulder every once in a while can do your mental health wonders. 

PS4 is great but the graphics outside are better

Stuck inside with nothing to do but play COD Warzone may sound like a dream, but we really can’t understate the importance of a bit of vitamin D. Getting fresh air, fresher breeze and a little sun-time can do wonders for your mental health. 

Staying a fan of the fam

GRRR – why isn’t this house bigger!? Living with fam when you’re all self-isolating is enough to strain even the tightest clan. So it’s important to cherish the family time by sharing board games, prayer, movie nights or arts and crafts.

Reach out to ‘what’s-his-face’ 

It’s hard to spontaneously see someone down at the park or cafe when they’re all closed. So why not go out on a digital limb and reach out to someone you haven’t seen in like, forever? 

The joy and energy you feel when talking to someone from a few years back can’t be denied – your attention is undivided, and you always learn something new. 

Stay home

Well duh… 

Wash hands often

Add one part warm water. Two parts hands. A few squeezes of antibacterial soap and bingo bango, twenty seconds later – you’ve got a clean set. 

Sharing isn’t caring

Avoid sharing items around the house like face towels and glasses. Remote controls and door handles must be cleaned once a day. 

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