Take a break from the usual with these conversation starters


Ideas to get you laughing, thinking and talking about something new

Has life been so repetitive over the past few months that you fear you have nothing interesting or new to chat about with friends? While the pandemic is an important topic, changing up what we chat about can be rewarding, entertaining and bring us closer to our loved ones. Here are a few ideas to start up a fun and engaging conversation about something different.

Have a laugh

Let’s face it, we are all in need of a good laugh! Laughing not only lightens the mood, it can benefit our mental wellbeing. 

Ask someone to share the last meme, video or story that really made them laugh and you’ll probably find yourself smiling, too. 

Another suggestion to spark some entertainment is to play a round or two of ‘would you rather’. Think of some challenging either/or questions where the other person has to choose one option and then ask them why. 

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or be able to fly? Would you rather waste your time or your money?

Would you rather watch the same movie for the rest of your life or listen to the same song?

The options are endless and their answers might surprise you 🤔 

Share your challenges and dreams

We all face challenges in life and the pandemic has probably thrown more our way than we’d like. However, getting curious about someone’s dreams or challenges beyond COVID could lead to some fascinating discussions and a deeper understanding of each other.–

Find out the biggest challenge a friend has taken on this year.  Or what’s one thing on their ‘bucket list’ that they have always wanted to do or see. 

Share what you’re watching and listening to

Discussing what we watch and listen to uncovers shared interests with others, or we can discover something completely new (bonus!). 

If you’ve finished your latest streaming binge, you’ll need suggestions, find out what people are watching and try the same for music share a song you like with someone and invite them to do the same. 

The best part? Listening to music is good for us – research suggests it improves our mood, along with singing and dancing.

Ask about friends, family and free time

Talking with people about their lives, can lead to meaningful connections and friendship. 

You could ask someone which family member they have the most in common with, or how others would describe them. 

Consider finding out how they spend their free time – you might discover someone is into gaming or sport like you are, which will give you plenty to chat about.

Get creative 

Leave the small talk behind by coming up with creative questions for memorable conversations. 

Google some trivia and share it with another person (for example: male platypuses carry poison strong enough to kill a dog 😲) and you might hear something interesting in return. 

Or go hypothetical: take turns naming three famous people you’d hang out with for a day; wonder where you’d travel back in time to or what you’d do if you won the lottery. Enjoy firing up your imagination by inventing your own scenarios.

It’s helpful to discuss the pandemic because it gives us opportunities to learn, hear other perspectives and stay safe. However, there’s still lots of other stuff to talk about and this is only the start. Try out a few of these ideas in person or online and see where they take you! 

Have you come up with some great conversation starters? Share them here.