Eight ways to change your life


Thomas Oppong’s eight tips to radical personal growth

“It’s about expanding and living your vision of yourself —until it is the greatest possible expression of who you are.”

Thomas Oppong is the founder of @AllTopStartups, a resource site for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Thomas states that by stepping beyond your current way of life and embracing new habits, you can transform your life in a year. 

“Significant, lasting changes shouldn’t take you years. To create the level of life you ultimately want, you have to change something you do daily,” says Thomas.

His eight steps begin with one overarching message –commitment.

“You have to decide that you really want to…transform your life this year, and that it’s more important than almost anything else,” writes Thomas. 

Thomas’s eight tips to transform your life include:

Finding your why

“It’s the only way to reach deeper into yourself to find out what makes you come alive.”

Spending time with positive influencers

“Your level of success…will often depend on a lot more people. ”

Obeying your gut

“…There would always be …a small voice, taunting you with the shadow of the unlived life. If you listen hard enough, you can still hear it.”

Choosing to be your authentic self

“Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing… do it well without fear of ridicule, criticism or failure.”

Creating yourself

“Put your mind to getting things done instead of focusing on all the things that could go wrong.”

Expressing yourself

“Stop questioning yourself. The world is waiting for you to start something.”

Facing your obstacles head-on

“Write down every obstacle that’s happened to you and others that are likely to happen. Then write down how you plan to overcome them.”

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