Knafeh & Coffee To Go in Shepparton

Talking media representation and why it matters


There’s plenty of diversity in Australia, but do young Muslims think this is reflected in the media? 

In this episode of Knafeh and Coffee To Go, we’re stopping off for a drink and a snack in Shepparton, Victoria. 

Join a group of young Muslim Australians as they discuss media representation, how it affects young Muslim Australians and their ideas for the future.

Zahra believes that Muslim media representation must be authentic. “It’s really important we Muslims try to involve ourselves in the media more, so we can put our perspective in the media rather than someone else doing it for us.”

Afrah finds inspiration in the words of Nelson Mandela, who said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use.”

Ali sees the need for young Muslim Australians to follow their passions in media now and make opportunities for the next generation.

And for Mustafa, the key to making an impact is not holding yourself back.

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