Knafeh and Coffee To Go in Perth

Hear from young Muslim Australians in WA about parental expectations.


A world that values multiculturalism and diversity presents new opportunities for younger generations. Have you found yourself following your parents’ footsteps or forging a path of your own?

Giuseppe is taking this episode of Knafeh & Coffee to go, meeting with four young Muslim Australians in Perth to explore how parental expectations have inspired us (and sometimes, maybe infuriated us).

For Hadi, a youth ambassador, the values imparted by his parents shaped his career.

Hakan speaks on gaining a deeper appreciation of his parents’ efforts and the expectations he thought they had of him.

Meanwhile, Amina followed her passion by getting into fashion design. “I think our parents know best until we reach a certain age and then after that, we know what’s best for ourselves,” she says.

Tabby shares that her mum has come to respect how her work as a journalist helps the community.

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