Freshly brewed: your third episode of Knafeh and Coffee

Young Muslim Australians come together to talk about identity in the third episode of Knafeh and Coffee.


Identity is central to how we see ourselves and the world around us.

It impacts our sense of belonging, and shapes our relationships and the choices we make.

Identity can also be tricky if you experience a different sense of identity at home to when you’re out and about.

Find out how six young Muslim Australians navigate the topic of identity in the third instalment of Knafeh and Coffee.

In this thought provoking episode, Oz Malik and a panel of young Muslims sit down in Melbourne’s Islamic Museum to share the experiences that shaped their identity and discuss the big questions, including:

  • What it means to be a young Muslim Australian today?
  • What shared beliefs exist between cultures?
  • What experiences have brought about changes in your identity growing up?

Can’t get enough of Knafeh and Coffee? Can’t blame you! Rewind to the first episode here, or watch the second episode here.