How Brothers in Need is helping the community get through this pandemic

Brothers In Need is helping our most vulnerable.


The pandemic has been tough on everyone. 

But while we’re all struggling, spare a thought for those out there who were doing it tough well before COVID-19 became a part of everyday conversation.

The pandemic hasn’t made life any easier for Australia’s homeless population and vulnerable people in our major cities. If anything it’s done the opposite. 

Brothers In Need is one group that hasn’t forgotten about these people. 

We’ve mentioned some of the great work this not-for-profit has done before, including a campaign to help out those impacted by last year’s bushfire crisis.

Rapt! caught up with Brothers In Need Managing Director Dean Mousad to see how the group is helping some of the most vulnerable members of the community. 

An obligation to help make things better

With Sydney in and out of lockdown, Brothers In Need has had to work hard to keep their services, like the homeless food drive in Martin Place, going. 

While some projects have been moved online, the group has also found additional ways to assist Aussies doing it tough, like contactless deliveries of food hampers to isolated community members. 

For Dean, the decision to help is a no-brainer. 

“In actual fact helping the community is an obligation,” says Dean. 

“This is what is taught to Muslims all around the globe. So in helping the community we are actually helping ourselves.”

Keeping the community (and those helping the community) safe

COVID-19 has brought challenges, but Dean and the team have always been up to the task.

In some cases this is rethinking the way their services are delivered. In others, it’s simply a matter of following the correct safety precautions. 

This means masking-up, physical distancing and sanitiser (a lot of sanitiser). 

The situation might be making life difficult, but it is important work, evidenced by the positive feedback Dean and the team continue to get from the community. 

“For me personally, I love being at the forefront of serving the Australian community. The emails, calls, messages back are heart-warming and encouraging,” Dean says.

How you can give something back as well

So, want to lend a helping hand but not too sure where to begin?

Dean says while Brothers In Need aren’t inducting any new members until we’re in the clear of the current COVID-19 outbreak, there are still plenty of ways you can help. 

“I would suggest coming together as a family and seeing how you can help your local community. Think about things like organising contactless drop off to an elderly or vulnerable neighbour perhaps,” he says.  

“Even something as simple as calling and checking in on a loved one can make a difference. We are all in this together.”

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