Community comes together to respond to NSW floods plus four things you can do to help

Droughts, bushfires and now floods. 


There are a lot of people out there doing it tough right now, as Australia deals with the clean-up from the worst flooding in decades. 

And it’s important to remember, that even when the rain stops, for a lot of people who’ve had their property or land destroyed, the problems are just getting started. 

But adversity can bring out the best in us. 

Just like when the bushfires hit, the Rapt! team has been encouraged by the community’s response to the flooding crisis. 

Community comes together to aid clean-up effort

Muslim Youth Australia is pitching in to help some of the communities most at need. 

The organisation is planning clean ups and food drives to help people in flood affected communities get back on their feet. 

And this isn’t the first time they’ve answered the call of the community. 

The organisation was one of the first on the ground when flooding overwhelmed residents in Queensland’s Logan region back in 2017. 

Usman Chaudhry, who coordinated one of the clean-ups, told the ABC the organisation was more than happy to help out. 

“We were making sure all our community members were safe… and then we started looking after our neighbours,” he said. 

Muslim Youth Australia is now encouraging anyone who needs help, or anyone who can lend a helping hand, to get in touch. 

“It’s all about giving back to the community where you live,” Mr Chaudhry added.  

You’re never too young to make a difference 

Another group we wanted to give a shout-out to is Our Big Kitchen. 

The organisation led an interfaith response, with Muslim, Christian and Jewish students coming together to cook food for frontline workers. 

The students, who were brought together for Harmony Day, will also see their food donated to those impacted by the flooding. 

And it’s not the first time Our Big Kitchen has lent a helping hand. 

Back in 2020 at the height of the bush fires, the group hosted hundreds of volunteers who worked around the clock to prepare food for the firefighters. 

How you can help 

So you want to help out? 

But the last time you tried to bake something you set off the smoke alarm?

No problem! There are plenty of other ways to chip in. 

  1. Donate much-needed items

We take the basics for granted until something like this happens. For a list of items to help those affected by the disaster, see this advice from the NSW Government about donating responsibly.

  1. Donate to Foodbank

Foodbank says a $35 donation is enough to provide a family with the essentials – food and drinking water. You can learn more about their effort here.

  1. Donate to the farmers

The farmers often get the worst of it when it comes to natural disasters, so NSW Farmers is also calling for donations, goods and services.

You can find out more here.

  1. Donate your time

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can donate is your time.

Volunteers are key to the frontline relief effort in natural disasters and there is a range of great organisations that could benefit from your support.

Do you have a story of a group or organisation chipping in to help the flood effort? Let us know. We want to hear your story.