Rapt’s passion is to find and bring to life unexpected positive stories in Australia. These stories celebrate our multiculturalism and national identity. We think the representation of minority communities is incredibly important and showcases Australia’s multicultural society and Australian values. The idea that we are together, even though we are not the same is at the core of what Rapt! is all about. We aim to represent diversity in Australia whilst celebrating our shared identity and culture.



You can’t be what you can’t see. All of our content is co-created with the communities that engage with it, allowing people to see themselves represented alongside people they trust within their local community. It celebrates shared identity and culture by giving people a platform to enjoy and share their stories.


Values and connection

Our work aims to connect young people to examples of success within their community. From advice on jobs, relationships and identity through to overcoming serious setbacks. Our stories are designed to support young Australians in navigating our challenging world to succeed, grow and thrive. Our stories also celebrate the rich diversity in Australia’s multicultural society.


Our content

Our content covers a diverse breadth of interests across the nation: Food trends, upcoming musicians and artists, culture and beliefs, sport and more. Rapt! tells stories of diversity in Australia. We believe that it’s important for people from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs to see themselves represented in the media.


Our channels

Rapt! is available across three platforms — a web hub, Facebook, and Instagram. All three celebrate our shared identity and culture.


Rapt! Web Hub

With a focus on education, the Rapt! Web Hub is where we look at certain topics more in-depth. Articles featuring a broad range of contributors cover topics like overcoming adversity, surviving isolation during the pandemic, Australian values and how to enhance your job prospects amongst other subjects.


Rapt! Facebook

Rapt! originated on Facebook in 2016.

Our Facebook page showcases the best of Australia’s multicultural society and it offers a variety of entertaining, thought provoking and informative content. We cover everything from social quizzes through to social experiments and every meme in between. Our Facebook channel also links our main audience with the Web Hub.


Rapt! Instagram

Rapt! on Instagram offers a space for relatable stories, entertainment and inspiration for young Australians. It also showcases people from all backgrounds who have a strong sense of self and have overcome adversity – forging their path to do what they’re passionate about.


Rapt! is run on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.